Compact Tag
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The Compact Tag is a slim line RF tag combining long and short range identification of 7 meters (23ft) in various applications.
This tag comes in a standardized credit card size.
In combination with the TRANSIT Entry reader the tag will be identified up to 4 meters (12 feet).

Key Features
  • Credit card size
  • Identification up to 7 meters [ 23 ft] 
  • Dual side read capability 
  • Good price/ performance ratio
  • Optional battery low indication
  • Optional Tag Holder for windshield mounting

 Operating frequency: 

 2.45 GHz and optional 120 kHz


 85,5 x 54 x 4,9 mm [3.36 x 2.13 x 0.19 in] credit card size

 Detection range:

 7 meters [23 ft] with TRANSIT Standard or Extended reader  
 4 meters [12 ft] with TRANSIT Entry reader


 R/O Read/only decimal number


 IP54 [approx. NEMA 2]

 Part numbers:

 9891900 Compact Tag


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